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  • What is Asteraki?
    We want to make shopping for your kids easy and enjoyable. Asteraki provides solutions to partents when they are shopping clothes for their kids. Our promise is to provide individually selected items and deliver to your home for free. We have two sizes, the smaller one has 2-3 outfits and the larger one includes 6-8 outfits. All the clothes items are from sustainable kids fashion label.
  • Why should we buy Eco brands?
    When you buy clothes from Eco brands, there are three things that are considered: 1) It is better for the planet. The clothes are made from material that meet certificate organic standards, such as GOTS and ECO-TEX. The main benefit is that the materials are not treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or Geneticallz Modified Organisms. Organic cotton uses less water and less fuel is required in the growth. 2) It is better for the child. There are no petroleum or other harmful chemicals used in the dying and printing on the garment. 3) It is better for the workers. They work with safer material, and are paid with living wages.afe, healthy, non-abusive, nondiscriminatoryenvironment with living wages. when a brand doesn't mention being ecological or having a sustainable supply chain, there is a change they are using harmful material and no social screening is done to ensure that no forced labor is used.
  • How does it work?
    You start by answering our questionnaire so we can adapt each delivery to your specific needs and preferences. Just pick the size of the box, we have two sizes and one with preloved items. We offer renting plans with monthly payments, however you can also order one off boxes and on your own schedule. Just discover your favourites and see what works best for you. Unpack and enjoy. You can keep as many items as you want, return they ones that don't suit your style.
  • What if I don't like all the items in the PICK I buy?
    No worries, you can return unwanted items to us. There is no obligation to keep all the items. Within 10 days from delivery, you can ship back items that you don't like. Either email us or choose return tab in your account and notify us before hand about which items and ship them back. We change the size or refund , based on your request. Please note that all the items need to be with original tags on and in new condition. If you return the whole box, we will keep 15CHF service fee.
  • How does the renting work?
    Our renting service is very flexible. Choose the subscription plan that fits you. The RENTAL PICK will be with you within a week from the order. Swap When your little one outgrows the clothes you send us a request for the next size and send the small clothes back. The delivery is always free and there is no limit on how often you can swap while your have an active subscription. Wear The rental includes insurance for wear and tear so you don't need to worry about the mess. Return please return the old clothes within a week from receiving a new PICK or after cancellation. Wash The clothes are professionally washed and sanitised when you return them ready to be loved again
  • I don't want a box, can I order individual items online?"
    Yes, we have most of our selection available in our boutique. The boutique is also perfect if you want to add few items to your child's wardrobe or just browse our selection.
  • Do you offer free shipping?
    Yes, the delivery is free within Switzerland. For outside of Switzerland, we offer free delivery of PICKs and Boutique orders for above 70 CHF.
  • What is the service fee for?
    We charge 15 CHF per delivery, this is included in the price of the PICK. This covers personal style service. During return of the whole PICK, the service fee is not refunable.
  • Can I send used babyclothes to Asteraki for reselling?
    Being a ecological brand, we support reuse of baby clothes. When your child has outgrown the clothes from your box, send clothes in good condition to us and we give you 30% of the reselling price in the form of a voucher for your future purchases at If you send us a T shirt with a reselling price of 12 CHF and trousers with reselling price of 21 CHF, you would get 11 CHF voucher from us to use for the next purchase. Please note, that we only accept clothes from our brands and from our current customers. If you wish to send back to us the clothes, please send us an email at and we will come back to you with instructions.
  • Why should I rent?
    Renting babyclothes is part of our committment to zero waste baby clothes. Our brands offer high quality items that can be used again for 3-4 cycles. Many parents gets quickly overwhelmed with the speed that their child outgrows their clothes,leaving them with piles of clothes. We offer two options, with new clothes and preloved- pick what suits you. All the preloved clothes are professionally cleaned and sanitised before being sent to the next customers.
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